VHT Redline Speaker Cab - 12” Bass

Designed to complement the RedLine 50B combo and head, the RedLine 1x12” Bass Extension Cabinet has the same solidly built rear-ported cabinet design as the 50B combo, and it’s loaded with the same pro-quality 8-ohm 12” speaker.

The speaker has a durable double-roll surround for true deep-bass tones. It also has a comfortable handle for your carrying pleasure.


With its specially designed speaker, the compact and lightweight RedLine 1x12" bass cabinet was designed to get big-amp tone from low-powered bass amps. It sounds great with the RedLine 50B combo, and its size is a perfect fit.


SPEAKER: 12" VHT Special Design, 8-ohms, rear-ported cabinet, 150 watts
CABINET: Rear Ported Cabinet Design
JACKS: 2 parallel 1/4" input jacks
DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 16.75’’ x 17’’ x 12” (425mm x 435mm x 310mm)
WEIGHT: 26 pounds (11.8 kg)